Is Your Life turning into an unintended
stressful  shitshow?

What if bringing YOU into your life wasn’t as scary or risky as you might think and could bring you exactly what you wish for? A life that’s easy, fun and fulfilling?

Do you feel that if you went for yourself, your whole life and everything you have worked so hard to build would probably come tumbling down around you?
What if that was a load of BS and bringing YOU into your life would make everything easier and living a lot more fun?


From this space of YOU all the answers, all the knowing, all the power, clarity and abundance can come into your actual life!

I made a video for you with a little more inspiration and a lot more of that space that YOU be in it. Ready to have a little taste of what YOU truly be and what that would actually mean for your (waiting to be amazing) life? Away from all the fear and shame that has been instilled in us about all these terribly selfish people that are ruining our planet and peoples lives by recklessly going for themselves…?

Is that even true? Feel into yourself a moment… A heavy/tight feeling means that’s a lie and a light/spacious feeling means it’s a truth. I definitely get a heavy around that. How about you?


So come with me and dive into yourself for a little while and start transforming your life - right here and now, with me and YOU :-)

It's Free!


Ready for take off?

Who is Devi Wieser?

Hey YOU ­čśë
I thought it best to make a little Video for you, so you can get to know me as best as is possible here on the line...

Are you thinking: "Oh Devi, let’s chat about what else is possible, cause I am really tired of living life the way it is right now and your words really inspired me to be able to change that together!"

Yes? Ok, lets go for it darling and have a chat ­čśś

How is it to work with Devi?

When I was designing my homepage, Devi was recommended to me to  support me with my copywriting. She helped me tremendously to write appealing texts. Her sensitive and heart-refreshing manner enabled me to joyfully engage in this process. She coached me in a goal-oriented, mindful, professional way and was able to empathize with me wonderfully. Her fine being made it possible to keep the sessions in a high vibration, for which I am still very grateful to you dear Devi.
Devi is a special being of the new age and it was a pleasure to work with her.
I can highly recommend Devi as a coach. ­čĺľ
- Maria Stutz

Ilona Schweizer

She is working on it :-)

Verena Dummermuth

Still busy writing it up :-)

My Vlog of gold nuggets for you

Coming Soon!

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Let’s inspire eachother to change. Let’s support eachother towards non-judgement of ourselves and others. Let’s break out of this disempowering cycle of blame, shame, guilt and fear. And let’s take back the power that we are to create amazing lives of ease and joy and flow and abundance and laughter and grandness and whatever else it is that you desire. Let’s bring US back into our lives, together, in my open Facebook Group…