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what   I  do (with you)


How much of your "now" have you created from your past?

How much would you like to change the "now" that is going on for you?

I will keep my story short, because I don’t wish to create my life from the past anymore. However I would like to show you just how much is possible, no matter how "fucked up" things have been way back or yesterday! And how much of a gift I can be to your living, if you would like to receive that.

Ready? Let's dive in 🧚‍♀️


After a 3 day long and difficult birth (what? wait! that far back? Just bear with me a little 😉 ), I came out all blue and bloody, looked at my mum and burst open her world with all encompassing, epic love and joy. So yes, that’s it, my mission statement: Spread love and joy wherever I go.

Obstacles Galore

Sounds simple, buuuut in dire circumstances it can be a little hard to be in that space…  What were those you ask? Here are just a few tidbits that made life suck for me for quite a while: Not living with my love-mum after the age of two, various emotionally and physically abusive step mums (those bitches, I was too cute!), my dad recently letting me know all those fat sausage jokes were just jokes and I wasn’t even fat at all, being bullied and spat on by a stupid mob of boys for ages and so on and so forth. Thankfully, despite those dire circumstances of I have chosen not to create my life from there (anymore). Phew! 😅

So I aimlessly wondered the world from one financial crisis to another, feeling rather less than worthy, waitressing my life away (some people's point of view anyway..), undecided which direction to take, as everything seemed so bloody final! When I got fed up and dove in more and more with the other side of my life - remember, the love-mum?! There I was acknowledged, treasured and had allowance to be myself. Also, she showed me and gave me access to a totally different world with free(er) people in it, with actually happy people in it, with people in it that were glowing and aware of themselves.


A New Choice

At age 15 I started assisting my mum in all the personal development and spiritual workshops, trainings and healing circles and whatever else she came up with, whenever I possibly could. But, I didn’t fully choose this other way of being yet, feeling pulled back and forth between the two realities. Up until 2015, when we opened a holistic centre and BnB in Zurich together. After my last broke, unemployed, homeless return from 4 months in India, I made a choice and many choices since, that would seem crazy to others! But hey, you know what? We don’t actually have to follow any rules or guidelines when making choices about how to live and create our lives!


The biggest choice was becoming a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness®, and I continue doing Access courses All The Time. I so much love this work, it is so freeing, so relaxing and so rewarding for me. It goes beyond all the societal shoulds and shouldn'ts - which are also abound in the spiritual, alternative communities, the coaching industry and the "normal" world too of course.

I now have my own coaching business, where I work one-on-one as well as in groups online and offline. I also coach my mother's clients with conscious business coaching.
My successful massage practice continues - I love touching and relaxing bodies since 2006, as this world really isn’t very kind to our sweet bodies. Access Bars and Body Processes® are also something I offer in my practice to make it possible for people to get out of their yuck and stuck to changing faster and easier.


What about you?

So here I am in a nutshell. Maybe you also have a rather dramatic sob story like part of mine is or maybe whatever is limiting you in the creation of your dream life is more subtle and mysterious. Whatever it is, you are in charge of your life and can create it any way you desire, of that much I am sure and I am guessing, since you are still here you also know this or have an inkling of it.


So if you would like to be a recipient of my love and joy and create a life that totally suits you, has you relaxed, in abundance and joy, let's have a heart-to-heart about what’s going on for you that you would like to (finally) change and whether we are a harmonious, no bullshit between us and empowering pair. Click the button to get to my calendar:

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