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Amazing  Love  Bootcamp

Get what you want from a man that you want!

Free yourself from your love blocks and actively create the kind of love-life you really want.

Some examples of love blocks are:

  • Feeling unconfident, unworthy or unlovable

  • Not finding any really wonderful men

  • New relationships never working out

  • Being with men that just don't make you happy.

Now you may be doing the very human thing of looking outside of yourself for the reasons these things are happening. In your circumstances, in the men, in love itself being somehow broken or unreal fiction. But, though there is definitely an element of grace or luck, most of the things you experience in your life come from within you. So with a love block it's something within you, causing similar stories to repeat over and over...

This can be many things from past traumas to limiting beliefs and they are literally blocking your road to the amazing love you have been dreaming of being in.

This Course is here to help!

To guide you to a powerful place where you have the inner resources to be a confident, high-value version of you that can rely on herself to make the absolute best choices.

6 Weeks         6 Modules

With Love Coach Devi Wieser
Module 1: Clear your inner love blocks and attract your high quality man with more ease and flow.
You will be introduced to an amazing inner resource that can guide you and answer any questions on love and light!
Module 2: Discover the secrets to becoming irresistible and magnetic to the high quality man that is just right for you!
In this two part module you will make amazing adjustments to how you show up for love on the inside and the outside!
Module 3: Love dating because you enjoy the journey, set healthy and attractive standards and boundaries.
Learn how dating can become a super-charger for your self-discovery and empowerment journey. How to be your most attractive self - not only on the outside!
Module 4: Master the art of flirting so you can have fun and feel at ease with the men you’re really interested in.
Spreading your deliciousness and feminine energy to the people around you - especially the lovely men in your life!
Module 5: Stop your emotions from running your (love-) life and become the woman an emotionally intelligent man desires.
You will take the human need test and explore how you satisfy your human needs. Learn how to satisfy them in a positive way and get to know yourself so you can maturely communicate yourself ;-)
Module 6: Be the Goddess inspiring men to be their best and to commit to a loving, deepening relationship with you.
Get to know your goddess archetypes and how you can use them to further grow in your self-mastery and relationship-mastery! So you become a delicious gift that amazing men want to commit to!

This course is designed to reboot your love-life.
Every week, for 6 weeks you will receive an audio
love-lesson between 30-60 minutes.

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Who it's for

This course is for you if...

  • you've feared that love might not be meant to be for you but you refuse to believe that and want to make that dream come true!

  • you seem to keep loosing potentially amazing men and you are ready to learn how inspire them to show up and be there for you as best they can.

  • you're feeling stressed out you might miss the boat to your dream of having a family and you want to take action asap?

  • you realise there's something within you - your behaviour, programming or way of being that is preventing amazing love from happening and you are ready to change it!

  • you keep meeting men who aren't right for you or you don't meet any at all and want to learn the magic that is attracting and manifesting someone amazing to share your happiness with.

Purchase of this product is carried out through Digistore24

About  Devi

I'm a Love & Relationship coach who supports women to feel they really can have a truly loving and deep relationship with a great, high quality man. I base my work on my my experience that our heart- and mindset is responsible for what we attract into our lives. In my coaching and courses I help women rekindle the love, confidence and worthiness within themselves, as well as to transform negative beliefs and mindsets, so that they can attract amazing love into their lives. Through this you can take back the power to co-create an extraordinary life.

I am constantly expanding my coaching skills with Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes and Magali and Mark Peysha as well as other sources.

My whole life has been dedicated to my purpose of learning & teaching love, being love and living deeply fulfilling relationships.

Client  Voices

(Mouse-over their pics to read)


Devi is very perceptive and inspiring in her ability to bring awareness to obstructive beliefs, behavioural and/or communication patterns, and creatively transforming them. With her help, I was able to uncover some important barriers to love within myself, such as the negative belief  "I'm not lovable".


Devi is a wonderful love coach. It`s profound work where you go deeply and find your own blocks, on how you perceive yourself and men. Why you call certain types of men into your life and how you can seriously change that to find the partner that you deserve.

I felt supported and uplifted in a beautiful way, experienced lot`s of heart opening, release of pain and shame and some amazing tips and action steps for my daily love-life.


It was a very great and worthy time! Devi offered us lots of possibilities and fantastic support. In the last weeks I regonized a lot, and I received many gifts. It was an amazing time with many learning & growing opportunities - so I am a little bit sad that it is over. Again thank you very much Devi! You are a wonderful woman & teacher.

I feel so powerful!!!

PS: There is no pic because I wish to be anonymous...


I know I am so much closer to him with my feelings worthiness, the great exercises I keep doing and divinely inspired action steps.

We all need to take 100% responsibility for everything we are attracting. You can use the course to dig out and let go of negatives so you can choose to attract what you want!

Devi, I think you were wonderful as our Love Coach. The course was excellent!

Get Amazing Love Bootcamp in your inbox to start changing the way you look for & are in love immediately.

Stop the frustration and finally get the know-how to
get what you want from a man that you want.

For only 97 $

Purchase of this product is carried out through Digistore24

A personal note from me - what you'll get from this course

I want to be totally honest with you, this course is not a magical guarantee that you'll meet your man in 6 weeks! I don't pretend to know the intricate workings of the universe. What I do know is that if you have a strong desire for love, a desire from your heart, then you have a love-destiny. With a desire from the heart I mean a desire to share happiness with each other, not to fill each others emptiness.

I will provide you with access to an unshakeable inner resource that continues to guide you in matters of love and life way beyond the 6 weeks.


We will clear up your past and your hurts so that you can view men in a loving light again and so invite just these kinds of men into your life.

You will learn to be and trust yourself - why ever would anyone want you to not be yourself with them only to later find out you are someone different?

You will become a master of communicating with men in any area of your life, if you apply the teachings, so you are seen and your desires and needs are heard and met.

You will adopt an attitude of playfulness in your search for a man that lets you take action without an air of desperation or stress. I love this quote to inspire you:
"You either win or you learn. You never lose" - Marie Forleo.

What I do guarantee is that by taking this course you are sending the universe a clear sign, an opening, an availability to be loved. An awareness of love and a readiness to welcome it into your life - because so far, something within you hasn't been ready, or it would be here!
Of course you will also be given hands-on techniques for mindset shifts, dating, flirting, communicating and for feeling worthy of absolutely everything. It's not all woo-woo because our inner changes have to become real in this reality, in this material world.

I can't wait to meet you!

With Love,

Your results


Email my team of Love-Support-Angels to get answers.


If you aren't happy with the course, there is a risk free
30-day money back guarantee.


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