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Welcome to this new 7 day course

to start feeling amazing!

~ Do you feel you and your life could be so much more and you have a yearning to be the person living that vision?

~ Is there a desire gnawing at your insides, yet unfulfilled? A way you want to be feeling in and about your life?

~ Is it actually, when you look and feel deep within, unacceptable to think life will remain like this for the rest of your days?


Hi Beautiful, my name is Devi and I am a Joyful Living Coach.

I have designed this challenge specifically to help women live their lives with more joy and fulfilment. With the feelings of (self) love, joy and abundance very present in their every day lives.

If you are ready to commit a small portion of your day, for 7 days, to living the life you wish you had, let me guide you with what exactly you need to do to have it all. 

I specialise in manifesting your desires, within you - so how you actually feel - and in your experience of the life around you - so your circumstances.

~ Are you ready to go up to your next level?

~ Are you ready to find out which changes (small or big) are essential for you to start feeling amazing about your life and about yourself in it?

~ Are you ready to let go of having to do it all on your own, knowing it all and being a lone warrior? To have someone to guide and strengthen you on your path?

If you feel like yes, I am ready, I want to be guided by Devi, my heart opens when I think and feel into it, follow that impulse from within and enter your details below.

What do we do in those 7 days?

I see us humans as a whole - Body, Mind and Soul - and this is reflected in my approach as a coach.
All three areas in harmony mean a joyfully living, fulfilled human being. So we will be devoting time to each of those parts of yourself in the 7 days.

How is your body? Do you feel healthy, vibrant and alive with energy?

How is your mind? Are you filled with happy thoughts and a deep understanding and appreciation of yourself?

How is your soul? Are you connected to your power, your inner guidance and the source of joy, love and abundance within you?

On the last day I will personally coach you to help you through any barriers that you may be facing on the path to letting yourself live a joyful life. I believe being joyful is our natural state. Of course everyone human has feelings that aren't joyful from time to time, that is a natural part of the human experience. But to have joy as your base that you can return to again and again, gain strength and inspiration from and spread that positive energy into all the areas of your life is my hearts vision.

Does that sound delicious?

Do you feel doubt that it is possible for you? Let me invite you to consciously choose to put those doubts aside for just a week and to dive into this process with your heart and mind fully open and see what miracles you are capable of creating. One of my teachers always reminds me, magic isn't something you do, it is what you are. You are magical, a miracle, you carry the spark of the divine in you and if you feel the calling then let that spark set your life alight with joy, love and abundance.

See  You  There  Beautiful

Devi - Joyful Living Coach